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An Introduction to Flossing

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Flossing should be performed on a daily basis to remove plaque between your teeth in which a toothbrush cannot reach. Approximately 90% of problems arise from areas between the teeth so it is important to floss effectively.Flossing should be done gently to prevent any damage to the delicate gingivae . We recommend you ask your oral health professional to show you the correct method. There are different types of floss depending on the size of the area and the tightness of the contact points between your teeth.

The Paro classic floss  is used in narrow areas and is waxed that allows it to glide between teeth. It's also comparable and can be used with the Paro floss holder . This allows you to use it between the molars (back teeth)  where it's difficult to gain access. The Paro floss holder allows you to use small amounts that can be easily discarded without touching and allows you to place a new length of floss .the package of the Paro Classic floss is designed to allow you to place the holder and cut a small portion of floss without any waste.

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The Different Types of Floss

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The Paro glide tape, as the name suggests is very thin & flat making it ideal to get into tight spaces and doesn't shred.

Paro brush and floss is ideally used to clean under dental bridges wide gaps and around braces. It has a flat stiff plastic end that allows it to be threaded under the bridge and the spongy part picks up any debris or food stuck under the bridge that brushing alone can't remove.

Paro riser floss is waxed and contains fluoride. This floss when used starts thin and becomes fluffy and thick while being used.

We strongly recommend that you talk with your dental professional for advice on what suits your needs best.

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Interproximal Brushes

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Interproximal brushes are used when flossing is not effective because the space is too large or it's too difficult to pass between the contact of the teeth. There are a variety of brush sizes as well as different handles depending on what best suits. The size of the brush head is best tested to see which size fits tightly but comfortably through the area between the two teeth, you may need more than one size depending on the different areas. The Paro range comes in 8 different sizes and shapes to suit all situations.

The Paro Flexi grip series has the handles that can be chosen short and round , like a flat button , with flexibility. But if this is too difficult to use then we recommend you try the Paro Isola F series where the brushes fit into the Paro Isola F handle that is double ended . This way the brush heads are replaced without the extra cost of replacing the handle.

When there are situations when you can't get to a bathroom and want to do a single spot or have an urge to use a toothpick, Paro can provide you with the Paro brush stick- toothpicks . This is safer to use and leaves no splinters in the gum. it's plastic , flexible base is covered with a velvety flocking making it safer, easier and more comfortable to use.

An alternative to the Paro brush stick is the Paro microstick, which is similar to a toothpick but is made of soft Swiss lindenwood that doesn't splinter.

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