TePe® Implant Care Kit

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The basis for maintaining healthy implants is efficient everyday self care around all implant surfaces along the gumline. 

  • TePe Implant Care kit contains carefully selected products. An optimum solution for daily care of care implants 
  • Taking good care of your dental implants from the start is vital for long term success. 
  • With effective everyday self care and professional maintenance, your new teeth can last for a long time. 
  • The TePe Implant Care Kit is an all in one solution for your implant cleaning, handily presented in a single box.

Kit Contains: 

  • 1x TePe Compact Tuft ™, a firm angled rounded tuft for precision cleaning along the gumline around implant surfaces. 
  • 1x TePe Implant Orthodontic ™, a slim brush head allows for easy cleaning of outside surfaces along the gumline. 
  • 1x TePe Universal Care ™, a n angled neck makes it easy to reach implant surfaces along the gumline from the inside. 
  • 1x TePe® Bridge & Implant Floss (30pcs), sturdy ends facilitate insertion and spongy mid section effectively removes plaque. 
  • 1 x TePe® Interdental Brush Extra Soft Mixed Pack, These brushes have extra soft filaments, suitable for sensitive gums or post surgery. Use the brushes for cleaning between teeth and implants. Choose the correct size and never force the brush into a space.
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