Hylodent Denture Liners, Pack of 30

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Denture pads – relief for your gums The innovative Hylodent prosthetic liner is layered between the gum and implant like padding. The gum underneath even well-fitting prosthesis can become dry. Dry mucus membranes are the ideal feeding grounds for bacteria. This can quickly lead to painful inflammation. The Hyaluronic acid on the liner moistens and soothes the gums. Hyaluronic acid is used for various medicinal purposes thanks to its ability to stimulate tissue regeneration. This means that the prosthetic liner contributes to noticeably improved comfort. Available in 30 individually wrapped pieces. 

Use Moisten the dental prosthetic with water. Lay the prosthetic liner over the prosthetic and insert it as usual. Do not use the prosthetic liner with standard adhesive denture cream. The adhesion may be increased with the use of Hylodent serum. Apply a small amount of Hylodent Serum on the dry denture and place after adjustment the fleece on the denture´s plane. 
  • Hylodent denture pads have a moisturizing, protecting and caring effect on stressed gums of people wearing dentures, so it creates a completely new wearing comfort.
  • Pack of 30
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